Cynthia Kriha

Director, Strategic Programs

Having an interest in operational excellence, business systems efficiency and continuous improvement led to a diverse career in technology leadership positions.

Cynthia Kriha has worked in various leadership positions responsible for operations management, program and project management, strategic planning, information security, organizational development, financial management, Internet/data network and systems engineering and customer service. She has a proven track record in both Fortune 500 companies as well as small startup companies focused in data communications, healthcare technology, information security and management consulting. She is recognized for the ability to build high performance teams during periods of change and growth with over twenty years of supervisory experience managing technical and professional employees. Ms. Kriha is a strategic thinker focused on bottom-line results based on outstanding quality and exceptional customer service.

In her work as a consultant, Ms. Kriha has advised entrepreneurial companies on strategic service development, operational issues and marketing plans. She has applied her experience from large corporations to drive organizational and quality focus. She has also contributed to strategic business planning, marketing, market research and sales efforts.

Career Accomplishments

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  • Received NCR Distinguished Technical Achievement Award for ISO 9000 certification efforts
  • Key contributor of the ISO 9001 implementation team at NCR that resulted in the first NCR location certified world-wide
  • Member of Corporate Security Governance Board while at Qwest ensuring consistent management of information security activities throughout the company
  • Defined and directed work activities for teams from three to 600 employees and 1000 contractors
  • Managed technical and marketing programs that were completed on time and on budget including corporate identity and branding studies
  • Managed an expense budget of over $110 Million and a capital budget of over $450 Million while an executive with Qwest
  • Involved in three company mergers and related integration activities
  • Participated in due diligence activities related to operational performance of technology companies including information security profiles
  • Supported outsourcing strategies for expense reduction of >33% while at U S WEST
  • Created operational budgets and consistently stayed within or below plan including average 20% productivity gains year over year while at US WEST

Skills and Expertise

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  • Managed supplier and partner relationships to ensure maximum productivity from those relationships, not simply contract compliance
  • Managing strategic programs by identifying an appropriate methodology and articulating the tactical actions needed to drive results
  • Modeling and promoting ethical business practices as part of corporate governance and a proven approach to management and leadership
  • Designing and implementing business-driven standards-based Quality programs with measurable results
  • Researching and analyzing industry trends and using that information to drive new marketing programs and services
  • Understanding technology and other complex topics in enough depth to lead the experts as well as to view the business holistically
  • Knowledge of Information Security and related international standards and trends driving the focus on information governance and privacy
  • Measuring and monitoring results through detailed operational and business metrics and continuous improvement expectations
  • Developing new strategic services through comprehensive plans for successful implementation
  • Efficiently managing multiple projects and programs through organizational skills and a focus on results
  • Negotiating contracts that include quality and information security as measurable deliverables
  • Holding a Masters degree in International Management from the University of Saint Thomas in addition to two undergraduate degrees in Math/Computer Science and German.

Key Strengths

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  • Operations Management
  • Leadership
  • Program and Project Management
  • Strategic Marketing and Communications
  • Relationship Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer Service
  • Quality Process Management
  • Financial Management