Cyber Security
Inspection & Audit

An often-overused and often-misunderstood phrase, "Cyber Security" in a practical sense entails the breadth and depth of your organization's ability to control, retain and protect key critical information and assets. Unfortunately, while any good IT organization can install a firewall and enable a VPN, those solutions address only a small fraction of vulnerable areas -- your CEO may still have his picture in the newspaper under a headline reading, "Security Breach!".  

During a JBW Group Cyber-Security Inspection and Audit, we will work with you to fully understand your organization, as well as its operations and assets. Once it's clear what needs to be protected, we'll inspect and assess your current security infrastructure versus decades of experience and industry standards, then provide an exhaustive report detailing deficiencies and describing our recommendations. This audit is not "penetration testing", but rather an exploration of the entire organization's ability to protect its assets, including its most valuable asset: Its reputation.

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